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Dale and Brenda

We would like to say hello and welcome you to Bearpoint Kennel. Bearpoint Kennel has also acquired Black Forest Kennel. Dale and Brenda will operate the kennels as one. We will continue to keep all the great lines going in one kennel.


Brenda and I always look forward to the next hunting season. Hope everyone is having a great season also.


We have grown up with animals since before we could walk. IT is so awesome training and working with the dogs, getting them ready for hunting. What a fantastic way to release the stress of today's fast pace life. The dogs are so forgiving even when you have had a bad day, they love you anyway. The enjoyment that the dogs have brought into our lives is so very rewarding.


As our two boys get older we seem to see less and less of them. Both boys enjoy outdoor activities and love the dogs too. In a way the dogs have been able to fill a void, they have become our second kids. They are very much a part of the family and w wouldn’t have it any other way.


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