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The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador


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Created to meet the demanding nutritional needs of hard-working and highly active dogs that need an extra edge. This formula is recommended for hunting and sporting breeds and contains our highest levels of nutrients to support maximum endurance and recovery after work.

  • Natural source of Glucosamine

  • Poultry fat naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, a source of vitamin E

  • Natural sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

  • High-quality source for protein and fat from poultry

  • Balanced fiber sources to support digestion

  • Optimal blend of trace minerals important for skin and coat

  • Crunchy nugget helps to scrape away plaque that helps to clean and whiten teeth and also reduce tartar

  • 50lb bags available

  • Contains prebiotics to help support nutrient digestion

Nutrition you can trust.

Relying on each other at critical moments is what this friendship is about. Loyall™ pet food gives your companion the balanced nutrition needed to keep them on top of their game – for many memories to come.

Loyall™ pet foods are specifically formulated with:

  • Natural source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

  • Organic trace minerals to promote healthy skin and coat

  • Glucosamine from natural sources

  • Contains prebiotics to help support nutrient digestion; Senior contains both prebiotics and probiotics

  • Opti-Cook™, an exclusive process developed to optimize quality, palatability and starch digestion


Loyall™ pet food comes to you from Nutrena®, a trusted leader in premium animal nutrition for more than 80 years. Loyall™ pet food formulas are available at ag-retail outlets around the, country including Nutrena®, Agway®, ACCO®, Big R, Wheelers, Murdoch’s and Prime Quality retailers. ASK your local Ag  Nutrena Dealer to get your Loyall High Performance 24/20 Formula for you.



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